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Finance and insurance

Business value in business and credit decisions

We help you make smarter, safer and greener decisions

The banking and finance sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country, which places high demands on you in the industry. Without accurate data and information, it becomes a challenging task to get a good overview and systematic in your work to make accurate and informed business decisions.

Metria's quality-assured data with the property at the center

In banking, finance and insurance, it is important to have accurate information when making business decisions and analyzes. With quality-assured data combined with Metria's knowledge in real estate, analysis, geographical and other relevant business information, we optimize decision support and support your business.

With the property and the building at the center, Metria offers a wide range of services with refined data and analysis. For example, we offer real estate information as a basis in the housing and real estate loan process to banks and credit institutions. Insurance companies use Metria's real estate information for underwriting, loss prevention and claims management.

Business-oriented solution with geodata ensures competitiveness

With the help of Metria's unique services in geodata and real estate information, your organization can optimize and streamline credit and business processes. Systems and solutions that digitize, streamline and make valuable information available in the business and ensure the competitiveness required today and tomorrow. Simplify the collection and visualization of relevant real estate and geographic information through modern interfaces - in a range of business-critical areas;

  • Risk management and internal control
  • Information security
  • Strategic planning
  • Sustainability reporting

We help you design a solution tailored to the needs of your business to provide the detailed knowledge of customers and prospects that makes the most sense for your business.

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Get climate risks under control with reliable geodata

The EU Taxonomy and the CSRD require banks and insurers to identify and quantify physical climate risks. Insurance companies face increased risks linked to climate change and the occurrence of more extreme weather events. Metria provides accurate analysis based on reliable geographic and economic data to understand the risks and how to manage them now and in the future.

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The financial industry is a key player in a greener and more sustainable economy

The financial industry has been identified as a key actor in achieving the EU's environmental goals and will therefore play a central role in creating a greener and more sustainable economy.The sustainability perspective needs to be included in business processes and Metria offers support andexpertise for this through unique data and services.

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Transition risks - The climate transition towards net zero


Around 36% of the EU's total carbon emissions come from real estate and buildings.

Regulatory requirements such as CSRD and voluntary agreements such as SBTi and Net-Zero Banking alliance require banks to implement transition plans for their mortgage portfolios.

In collaboration with Hemma, Metria offers a portfolio analysis that gives the bank a better reporting basis and enables a data-driven customer dialog on climate transition.

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Climate puts pressure on biodiversity and affects conditions for biodiversity

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in the stability and functioning of ecosystems. Climate puts pressure on biodiversity and affects the conditions for biodiversity. However, we also see clear evidence of a reverse effect, where well-functioning ecosystems and high biodiversity act as resilience to climate change. This is both in terms of lowering their impact, such as effective carbon sinks, but also in mitigating the effects of climate change, in some cases offering increased protection against extreme weather, such as mangrove forests near coasts.

To contribute to the achievement of the EU's environmental objectives and promote sustainability in their operations, banks and insurance companies need to integrate biodiversity considerations into their risk management strategies and business decisions.

Metria is a major supplier of data and analysis on nature and the environment to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and others.

Metria is actively developing to complement our real estate information with climate risk data on biodiversity where we use our expertise in nature and environment to help meet the challenges our customers face.


Fast & accurate property valuation gives Landshypotek a good basis for decision-making

Since 2017,Landshypotekhas also offered mortgages for single-family homes and in 2022 passed SEK 24 billion in mortgages to customers across the country.

- "When we started with mortgages, the whole point was to create a digitized, simple and transparent solution for customers," says Lillemor Andersson, who works with valuations at Landshypotek.



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