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Geodata contributes to better insights for forest planning

To carry out active and effective forest management, reliable decision-making data is needed to show where interventions have the best effect

Today, large amounts of geographic data - geodata - are available to improve our knowledge of the entire forest planning process. They support all types of decisions, from ecosystem-based management to planning raw material supply and producing financial key figures. We help many forest companies and large forest owners with our expertise in creating, analyzing, refining and visualizing geodata. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and remote sensing, the large amounts of data are transformed into valuable insights.

We have expanded our collaboration with the credit information company Syna as part of Metria's ongoing broadening of information sets and thus have the opportunity to include large amounts of company information in our existing products and deliveries. For you as a customer, this means that we can provide a larger part of your information needs to be able to make the right decisions on a well-informed basis more smoothly and more cheaply.

For example, if you need to know which companies operate in a certain area, or on a specific property, and retrieve contact details for the companies (or private individuals), we are happy to help with both area extractions and individual calls per property. For example, it may be a matter of identifying property owners within a certain area/project. If you have a recurring need to get a picture of business activity in different areas, we recommend our upcoming business map layer delivered in our map service Metria Maps.

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Maximize forest business productivity with up-to-date property information

In order to carry out active and effective forest management, reliable decision-making data is needed that shows where interventions have the best effect.

Through our online service Metria FastighetSök, you have access to property information directly from the Land Registry and from several other sources. Information about property owners, forest area and tax value are some examples of information often used in the forest industry.

Metria Property extraction is suitable when you need information about the forest properties that exist in a certain area - the complete data need with the property in focus. Property extraction can be used for targeted mailings or when updating customer or member registers. The service is also suitable when you need to inform the property owners concerned, for example in the case of forestry measures.


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Fredrik Olsson Alvebro Product Manager