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Fast, updated map service in your system

Metria® Maps

Are up-to-date maps important in your business?

Metria Maps is a fast and stable map service that is easily integrated into your business systems. Users get access to reliable, updated and quality-assured maps, adapted to your needs.

The maps are based on fresh geodata from Lantmäteriet and other suppliers, all in uniform and attractive cartography delivered from Metria's own operating environment.



Fast, up-to-date, quality-assured and user-friendly maps directly accessible in your systems.



The map service can be easily customized to work optimally with your needs and procedures. Manner, function or content - anything is possible.


Easy to integrate

A machine-to-machine service in both OGC and ArcGIS REST technology that easily integrates with existing products and solutions.

With Metria Maps you get

Customized maps according to your needs

Tailor-made functions and customized content in Metria Maps ensure that you get the data that is most useful to your business. The maps can be combined with different layers of information or used to connect with information from other sources, such as Metria FastighetSök.

Possibility to add your own data

If you need help storing and servicing your own data, we can help. With Metria's Geodata Center and Geodata Warehouse, we have the entire infrastructure to store, update and quality assure your data. With Metria Maps you can then consume this or combine it with one of our other services.

Secure operation and support

With own operation and support together with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you get a reliable map service with high availability. To help you, Metria has a strong consulting organization with expertise in GIS and Geodata.

Opportunity to grow and develop

Metria always strives to be at the forefront of technology and geodata and is constantly expanding with new technical solutions and data content based on market needs. With new services and applications, you as a customer can grow in the offer.


Maps according to your needs

Whether you are looking for a simple background map or detailed map information, we have a service for your needs. Map services are tailored to your content and functional needs.


Background maps

Metria Maps provides background maps for all needs. All have consistent cartography across all scales and are adapted for on-screen display.


Aerial and satellite imagery

Whatever the level of detail, we have a service for you. Metria Maps offers everything from satellite images, IR orthophotos to orthophotos in different resolutions. Why not combine an orthophoto with property boundaries?


Additional services

Metria Maps offers a variety of additional services such as soil moisture map, terrain shading, forestry information, information on nature and culture, plans and regulations or e.g. roads from NVDB.

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